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SpscQueue< T > Class Template Reference

Lock-free single-producer-single-consumer queue for each thread. More...

#include <spsc_queue.h>

Public Member Functions

void Push (const T &input)
bool Pop (T *output, uint32_t spin_count=300000)
void SignalForKill ()
 Signal to terminate the worker.

Protected Types

typedef char cache_line_pad_t[kL1CacheBytes]

Protected Member Functions

bool Enqueue (const T &input)

Protected Attributes

cache_line_pad_t pad0_
T *const buffer_
cache_line_pad_t pad1_
std::atomic< uint32_t > head_
cache_line_pad_t pad2_
std::atomic< uint32_t > tail_
cache_line_pad_t pad3_
std::atomic< int8_t > pending_ {0}
cache_line_pad_t pad4_
std::atomic< bool > exit_now_ {false}
std::mutex mutex_
std::condition_variable cv_

Static Protected Attributes

static constexpr const int kRingSize = 2

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class SpscQueue< T >

Lock-free single-producer-single-consumer queue for each thread.

Definition at line 21 of file spsc_queue.h.

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