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 CArrayFormatterFormat array as text, wrapped to a given maximum text width. Uses high precision to render floating-point values
 CCloneableAbstract interface for classes that can be cloned
 CDeepCopyUniquePtrWrapper around std::unique_ptr that supports deep copying and moving
 CCompilerParamParameters for tree compiler
 CModelBuilderModel builder class
 CTreeBuilderTree builder class
 CBranchAnnotatorBranch annotator class
 CCompilerInterface of compiler
 CCompilerRegRegistry entry for compiler
 CCSRBatchSparse batch in Compressed Sparse Row (CSR) format
 CDenseBatchDense batch
 CDMatrixSimple data matrix in CSR (Compressed Sparse Row) storage
 CModelThin wrapper for tree ensemble model
 CPredictorPredictor class: wrapper for optimized prediction code
 CTreeIn-memory representation of a decision tree
 CNodeTree node
 CSpscQueueLock-free single-producer-single-consumer queue for each thread
 CTreelitePredictorEntryData layout. The value -1 signifies the missing value. When the "missing" field is set to -1, the "fvalue" field is set to NaN (Not a Number), so there is no danger for mistaking between missing values and non-missing values